Window and Gutter Cleaning

Serving Prestatyn and Surrounding Areas

Domestic and Commercial

I provide a friendly and reliable service that has been working with domestic and commercial properties in the local area and have done for over 10 years.

Window Cleaning

  • Chemical Free
  • Streak abd smear free
  • Cleaner for longer
  • Slills and Frames
  • Upto 45-feet

Gutter Cleaning

  • Vacum and Rinse
  • Avoid roof damage, damp, leaks and overspills


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

There isn't a straight forward answer to this question. It depends on many things; how many windows you would like cleaning, how frequently you would like your windows cleaning and what other work you might like doing. For a personalised quote-just ask!

How do I get a quote?

Just call to arrange for me to come and see you at your property. I'll be able to give you a price there and then.

What's special about pure water?

If you were to wash your windows with a glass of tap water, you would not be left with great results. There's a good chance they'll remained dirty and stained. This is due to minerals, chemicals and micro-organisms in the water. By filtering the water through our pure water filter system, impurities are removed and therefore no residual stains, streaks or marks are left after cleaning.

What are water-fed poles?

Water-fed poles are extendable poles made of carbon fibre that is light weight and strong. These are attached to specialised cleaning brushes and it is the combination of the water-fed poles and these brushes that clean your windows perfectly.

Why are the windows still wet when you leave?

This is because the windows have been cleaned with pure water and it is the air drying of this filtered water that ensures your windows will remain streak free.

How often do you come?

Once a month. Providing a regular and effective service is why my customers remain so satisfied.

Will my windows be perfect after your first visit?

Not always. Unfortunately, when we first start cleaning windows there can often be residue from previous cleaning products or even a build up of dirt and grime from lack of previous cleaning that needs to be cleared before a spotless finish can be achieved. Sometimes it may take more than one clean to achieve this.

I like to keep my gates locked and property secured. How will you clean my windows?

It is a very real concern that people feel the need to be very security conscious. For this reason, we always advise our customers to keep their doors, gates and any other access routes locked wherever possible. Windows to the front of the house are usually easily accessible, particularly with the range of our extendable pole system, but there are often rear facing window, conservatories etc. that are less easily accessed. We will always give you notice of when it is we will be attending your property so that either you can be there or, if you are out, you need only leave access unlocked for the shortest amount of time possible.

Can you clean the windows above my conservatory?

This is usually no problem. The 30 foot extendable pole system means that most windows are easily accessed from floor level. Any other windows that are out of range, I can use a ladder to access.

Are you reliable?

Yes. I realise that there is nothing worse than waiting for a service to be performed and being let down by your provider. That will not happen with me. I guarantee to complete the cleans I am contracted for.

Will you still come if it's raining?

Unless the weather is extreme and would affect the quality of your finish, then yes I will still clean your windows come rain or shine. Dirt and grime can be removed regardless of the weather and our pure water finish means your windows will still have a clear finish and will remain clean between visits.

Will you always come on the same day of each month?

This is not always possible as some factors can affect the quality of your clean. For example, cleaning your window in extreme weather would not achieve the best results or coming during holidays may not be possible. However, our schedules will always be confirmed and approved by you and I will always complete your contracted cleans.

How do I pay you?

See our payment methods available for details